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To Save The Mother Earth

How many days have you been heckled by work and left craving in a corner for a rejuvenating cup of tea? How many days have you felt cheated sipping a cup of sugary water disguised as tea? Now leave those days of frustration behind with a pot of refreshing Mukti tea. We at Mukti tea strive to bring to your teapot the best quality of 100% natural and traditional organic handmade tea directly from the dew laden gardens of Assam. The best quality of green tea at the cheapest of prices along with a total banishment of any kind of chemical is just the thing you need for the best tea experience. So say yes to mukti tea and help us provide you with exactly that quality of service.

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  • Sanjay Kumar
    Truly blessed to visit Assam Brahmaputra Organic Society, Assam. Tested one of the finest organic green tea.  At the same time wishing them a very very good luck and hope they will become most prestigious brand in future.
    Sanjay Kumar
    Vima Tea Company
  • O. Ommam Paicker
    A marvelous effort of a group of people showing one of the most traditional Indian tea in different flavors. Customer service of Kulajit Nath(Mukti Tea) is excellent and indeed praiseworthy.
    O. Ommam Paicker
  • Ram. P. Mony
    I am PhD educated green tea drinker, but even I could  learn so many new things here, wonderful
    Ram. P. Mony
  • Devender Kumar
    I loved the aroma of all the teas espicially the black tea.
    Devender Kumar
  • 0b194e14-f927-4d11-ac8f-bbfd74ff58b3
    Two young and energetic entrepreneurs who had a great idea and produce a high quality product ! I wish them best success for a good future.
    Dr. Stefan Schutte
    Freie Universitate Berlin
  • e057089c-1230-4387-b43c-340253ce3eb8
    I am very much impressed with the efforts of two energetic and dynamic youth in undertaking dynamic tea production. Both of them have promoting future ahead. I wish all success in their endeavours.
    Dr. Bimal Kumar Kar
    Gauhati University